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2022.01.28 08:29 CouponingLady_ Keds Kids Shoes $19.95 Shipped!

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2022.01.28 08:29 jolynecujohs Why does sometimes I feel like it’s the first time I’m seeing my s/o?

There are times when I look at him, it feels like I have never seen him before. But my feelings for him doesn’t change when those glimpse happens, it just weirds me out so suddenly, but it’s not a bad feeling. Just worried something is wrong with my brain lol
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2022.01.28 08:29 Friendly___Toast Will they buy EA next?

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2022.01.28 08:29 mensa84 Re-add bridge to HomeKit needs reset?

Re-add bridge to HomeKit needs reset? Hello,
I removed my Hue bridge from HomeKit and want to re-add it now, but it fails. I already restarted the Hue bridge, Apple TV 4K, iPhone, Home + Hue app, but did not help.
I always get that error, that it is already added, what is not true:

Or is it really necessary to factory-reset a hue bridge to be able to re-add it to HomeKit? That can't be the truth and would be a lot of work to add all lights and rooms again.
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2022.01.28 08:29 29218373291287 Has Corona affected the availability/shipping significantly?

I'm located in oceania. Last time I ordered off alibaba(I think), it took ~40-50 days to arrive.
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2022.01.28 08:29 Personal_Effective_7 Cycling Track Near University City?

I recently started cycling and am looking for a cycling track near University City in Sharjah. I currently drive down to the track at Khawaneej.
I see people cycling on the road around University City but I would prefer to cycle in a dedicated cycling track, if possible.
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2022.01.28 08:29 Impressive_Split9006 Sublease Summer 2022 Availability

Hello, I am subleasing my Apartment at Julien Heights. It is a unfurnished apartment and $490 a month + electricity. The term would start 05/07/2022 - 08/07/2022
Includes: -Microwave -Washer and Dryer -5 minute walk to campus -Free parking -First floor
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2022.01.28 08:29 qquokkkaaaa I drew my crush — I can’t believe it… am I weird?

i can’t bring myself to talk to him and I can’t stare at him for too long because he’s taken so I drew him. Idk if this is creepy or is it an intp thing???
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2022.01.28 08:29 LittleSeraphim Halo: Burners: Midnight

First : Previous : Next? : My Other Stories
Burners: Midnight
“I'll have you know, That I've become, Indestructible, Determination that is incorruptible From the other side, A terror to behold, Annihilation will be unavoidable, Every broken enemy will know, That their opponent had to be invincible, Take a last look around while you're alive, I'm an indestructible master of war.”- Disturbed, Indestructible
Chapter 27
Sheila walked into the troop bay of the ersatz prowler the Albion’s huragok had assembled from phantoms and pelicans. The Albion itself was also hidden, it stealth systems capable of hiding it from the fortress out to about a thousand kilometers which meant the prowlers only had to cross a relatively small distance to deposit the assault teams.
Sheila felt her connection to the battle net cut as they left the Albion’s hangar, shifting her attention to the asteroid base she was now approaching. Lars was at the controls of the craft, while Avery was silently starring a hole into her armored laptop, not daring to launch any attacks lest the station’s point defenses pick them out.
‘It’s like operation torpedo all over again. Three hundred special forces up against a fortress.’ Sheila thought as she remembered her first official mission as leader of the 343rd. Things were different however, for one they were going up against human weaponry which was far less effective against semi-powered armor. Second, they had shields, courtesy of Hats and the huragok. Lastly, they were all battle tested adults, were as the Spartan 3s had been twelve year olds thrown to their deaths because for all their training and augments, they were burners, same as the 343rd.
Sheila felt her heart beating out a steady rhythm of prebattle nerves as the ramp of the prowler lowered to reveal the rocky exterior of Midnight. Moving forward, she arrived next to the large shipping airlock they’d spotted and knelt down as Avery brute forced their way in. The doors opened and when no alarms sounded, the group pressed forward as the other three prowlers deposited soldiers elsewhere on the asteroid.
“Captain, we’ve got a problem.” Avery signed, having picked up the skill over her year with Char.
“What is it?” Sheila signed back as the airlock pressurized.
“Vice Admiral Parangoksy is aboard with a fire team. Spartan 3s, Alpha company, adults and very loyal.” Avery answered and Sheila gave her a nod.
“When fighting starts, get that information to the other teams. Maxwell, Luke and Alex will handle it. If you find those Spartans, make sure I know, we might go hunt them down if they’re causing trouble.” Sheila ordered and looked forward as the doors slid open into a dimly lit hallway. Cold air washed over their armor and the group moved out into a hallway with a distinctive s curve that lead deeper into the station, making it difficult to put a round straight into the fortress’s heart even if the blast doors were blown open.
The path went on for fifty meters before a second armored door greeted them and when it too opened, it revealed vast canyons of cryopods. The entire of the fortress was free from artificial gravity and was incredibly open, providing no cover from the roaming security drones and ONI personnel keeping watch.
“Shit,” Avery summarized as spotlights flooded the entrance way and sirens began to howl.
“Char, cover me. Avery, lead the rest of the group while we run distraction.” Sheila ordered, her flight back roaring as fusion jets carried her screaming into battle. Just behind her, Char followed suit, eyes already picking out targets for her twin lasers.
Sheila flew through the open space, carefully putting rounds into the drones flitting about while dodging return fire. ‘They’ve got to have tens of thousands of people here at least.’ Sheila realized, hud highlighting the crypods that were occupied so she didn’t accidentally put a bullet through one of ONI’s countless victims.
“We’re going to push pass the holding area, take the fight deeper inside.” Avery ordered, moving through the microgravity with the familiarity that came from rigorous drilling. Managing the Mjolnir armor was a headache but she was doing it, even as the suit wanted to run away, its over reactions taking physical force to master. ‘This should be controlled via the neural jack, what was ONI thinking?’ Avery thought as she overcompensated for recoil of her sniper and completely threw off her view of the fighting.
“This armor’s a fucking pig.” Dan grumbled as he used brute force to manage his armor.
“You get used to it,” Char offered over the radio as she kicked a drone that’d gotten too close into an ONI officer, crushing the drone and reducing the man to a paste.
“Avery, security codes,” Riza stated, tossing the severed head and neck of one of the guards, his implants still functioning as bullets danced around them.
“Uh, thanks?” Avery replied, using her implants to rip the man’s security clearance and get a door into the station’s networks. “Alright, now we’re in business. Captain, exit’s one hundred feet up, expect gravity and a welcoming party!”
“Got it,” Sheila looked up, eyes finding the door which was starting to slide open. ODST were already in cover, but they weren’t expecting a quartet of lasers followed by two spartans with plasma swords and shields. “Cleared!”
“Alright, move up!” Avery shouted and kicked off a wall, rocketing through the air before feeling the tug of gravity and rolling with surprising grace as she reached the door.
“Well done,” Charlotte stated calmly, pulling out her rifle and pressing forward, her plasma shield providing mobile cover as she advanced.
“How are the other squads?” Sheila asked, taking a smattering of shots on her shield and mechanically putting a bullet through each head in front of her. The recoil of her railgun was beyond what a normal human could handle but her armor and enhanced muscles easily soaked up the punishment as she pressed forward. Behind her, her squad advanced, weapons at the ready as the two titans simply swept their enemy’s aside.
“Maxwell and Luke have reached the base’s hangar bays and are engaged in an absolutely massive firefight. There were a half dozen prowlers and some kind of new ship docked. They’ve had to fall back onto captured covenant weaponry since they’re encountering a lot of ONI in ODST armor. They’re doing well though, winning even. Semi-powered armor is no joke.” Avery replied as the combat around them died down, the reinforcements that had been rushing towards them suddenly vanishing. “Looks like Alex’s team, just kicked the hornet’s nest. Woman must have a death wish.”
“What did she do?” Sheila knew the woman was calm under pressure, she’d been with her on Operation Torpedo for a reason after all.
“She was carrying a fucking Havoc and just breached one of the base’s reactor rooms. She’s broadcasting that fact.” Avery stated dryly and Sheila almost turned away from the corridor ahead to look at Avery. “She’s buying us time to get to the combat information center.”
“Do you know where that is?” Sheila asked and Avery nodded.
“It’s three clicks ahead, this place is huge. Their security is also top notch, I can’t really breach it. Not without sitting down for a while and testing for weaknesses anyways.” Avery explained as they moved forward.
“Then we’ll shoot our way in,” Char stated with all the gruff calmness of a Spartan.
“Sounds like a plan,” Sheila agreed, smirking under her helmet as they advanced.
The hallways slowly became older and less traveled as they moved further from their first firefight. Signs of recent renovation were visible but few and far between. The walls didn’t even have UNSC logos on them, instead, Sheila could make out where a symbolic representation of Luna flanked by laurels, the emblem of the lunar revolutionaries had been removed but new iconography had never been added.
‘Guess we know who built this place,’ Sheila thought, trying to pull up facts on the ancient faction and briefly remembering what Halsey had taught her. ‘Believed in mass automation and using soft AI to create a post scarcity economy where human augmentation and scientific research would be at the forefront of society’s goals.’ Sheila didn’t need to wonder why that had failed with the Forerunners running around behind the scenes. “Avery, are they even aware we’re coming?”
“Yes, I think the Spartan team is in the CIC along with the Vice Admiral. In other news, the Covenant are landing a lot of forces in Africa for gods know what reason. They haven’t started glassing anything yet and the home fleet is still putting up a hell of a fight.” Avery stated as they neared their destination.
“Alright, Char you’re with me, the rest of you get into cover. Avery open the door on my mark.” Sheila ordered and reached the thick armored blast doors, taking up cover while Char took up on the opposite side.
Both of them moved to the roof to avoid any initial snap shots and waited. Avery sent the command and the doors slowly unlatched before sliding open to reveal a CIC that could rival anything the fleet currently had. The entire Sol system was displayed in real time with countless maps devoted to each planet and multiple devoted to the fighting on and around Earth. The sheer amount of slipspace receivers that would require was almost unthinkable and yet, ONI had crammed it into the station or the original builders had been far more advanced than the history books claimed.
“Sheila and Charlotte Campbell, I’m not surprised you’re the ones attacking, though I can’t figure out how you got here.” Vice Admiral Parangosky stated, eyes narrowed dangerously as her spartan attack dogs aimed their rifles at the twins. “Nor was I aware that examples of that accursed armor had been produced, I’d expressly banned the manufacture of such technologies.”
“And why would you do that while we’re losing a war?” Sheila asked, making sure to keep everyone in the room under watch as Char did the same.
“Because you humans, even reduced to a handful of worlds are infinitely more dangerous than the Covenant. I will be eternally grateful that no mantle-less human has realized they can simply flee known space and settle on the other side of the galaxy. If that had happened, we’d have an unmitigated disaster on our hands. Your kind are far too virulent to be allowed loose, even more so then the flood.” The vice admiral explained motioning at Sheila. “You’re a prime example, no implants, no augments and you transformed a group of burners into the UNSC’s most elite fighting force and you did it in what, two weeks? That’s the kind of threat a group of coordinated humans represents. Humanity is entropy incarnate.”
“I’d love to sit here and let you stroke my ego but this fortress could really help Earth right about now. If it was locked into the orbital defense grid we could cripple the Covenant fleet.” Sheila replied and the Vice Admiral let out an irritated sigh and lit a cigarette. Lifting the burning stick to her lips, her eyes easily caught the firelight and in the dimness of the CIC seemed to smolder with the same angry red that had graced so many human worlds and heralded billions of deaths.
“Evacuations are about to begin for all mantle bearing humans. You burners will hold the line until then.” The Vice Admiral stated, breathing out a cloud of ash and then using her cigarette to point at Sheila. “You and your twin will then be frozen as unique examples of a new species while the rest of your crew will fall in line or be put down, though perhaps it’s best to take preemptive measures. Even the smallest taste of freedom can be too much for the human animal.”
“So you’re just handing over Earth? Just allowing all these deaths? I thought your mantle was about guarding life.” Sheila wasn’t sure what she wanted from the conversation. It was clear that Parangosky was every bit as insane as Halsey and then some.
“We thought that we had time, decades if not another century before the other races of this galaxy contacted humanity. We thought that even if that did happen, our guiding hands would ensure no wars broke out. They’d been raised to respect us, our people, venerate us properly. It was a miscalculation that the prophets decided to seize power for themselves and it is true that a lot of life has been lost but it has also allowed us to prune down the population. Burners made up the bulk of our ground forces from day one and true to their name, they haven’t survived their tours.” The Vice Admiral had hardly finished speaking when a gunshot rang out over the bridge, shields around her flaring angrily as Char tried and failed to kill her. “I expected that from your wild twin, not from a spartan but I guess humans will be human.”
“Bitch,” Char hissed, teeth grinding under her helmet as her spartan guards reacted immediately. They scattered, charging forward while peppering the two twins with rounds. Sheila shot forward to meet them while Char drew a bead on one with her lasers and blew a pair of holes through the spartan’s chest.
Sheila reached the spartans and drew her sword, her railgun leaving a trail of craters on one of the spartan’s that ended in a shattered visor. Blood and brain sprayed through the air before boiling away as two covenant plasma swords burned into existence across from a Sheila’s saber. The two remaining spartans charged forward, the first leading with a cutting thrust that Sheila parried. The other came in from the side, intending to skewer the woman but she jumped into the air, thrusters pulsing briefly and allowing her to slip past the first Spartan’s guard and ram her blade through the spartan’s visor.
The titanium helmet glowed read as its contents burned and boiled away, the spartan dropping dead as Sheila flew out of range of another slash, raising her gauntlet and peppering the spartan with light railgun shots, forcing them to cover their visor or catch a bullet. Char pounced on the opportunity and twin lances of red light were followed by a thunderous clap as the last Spartan fell with two smoking holes in his back.
Sheila turned to face the vice admiral who smirked down at her, amusement and plasma light reflecting in her eyes. Sheila heard the blade igniting behind her as another spartan dropped their cloak, followed by the roar of Avery’s SRS99. The Spartan’s helmet exploded as they flew forward under the force of the high explosive armor piercing round. Another shot followed and revealed a still cloaked spartan who’d been trying to silently approach Char. The Spartan immediately earned a second HEIAP round for daring to survive the first and fell to the flood in a blood heap.
Avery could taste the blood dripping down from her nose as it made its way down her face and into her mouth. She’d pushed herself to find the second spartan, trusting in Mendicant’s gift more than her eyes and ears. ‘Noble team had six spartans.’ Avery reminded herself, counting the bodies and making sure six were accounted for. The sour fury radiating from the vice admiral was a pleasant confirmation of her suspicions and Avery smirked under her helmet in triumph. ‘Good, be angry you fucking lunatic.’
“Surrender and allow this station to be used in defense of Earth.” Sheila stated calmly, noticing that the officers in the room had stopped watching the controls and turned to face the confrontation, many drawing weapons that wouldn’t even scratch the semi-powered armor most of the command squad was wearing.
“I cannot allow you to take this station into battle. It contains several unique species, species that the mantle demands are preserved. We cannot risk their extinction.” The Vice Admiral screamed and Sheila shrugged.
“You know, I think I have a solution. Kill any who resist, we’re taking the station.” Sheila ordered and Char opened fire.
Author's notes:
The end draws near but we haven't reached it yet. We're still in part 1 though so there is a lot of story left to tell though I will be taking a break once part 1 ends. I'll make a note of it and make it pretty clear when that's happening though. Part 2 will take a while to plan so it won't be a short pause but it shouldn't be too long either since I write fast.
Ghost: Well, what have we here? Quite the interesting situation going on outside right now. Think they'll free us or kill us?
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2022.01.28 08:29 seakrait Has anyone scaled down and printed PiperMakes Thiccfish suits as Crisis/Bodyguard proxies? What scale should they be? I know the Koi exist but I love the look of the Thiccfish.

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2022.01.28 08:29 emztester1q $Vinewood| Brand new BSC Token | Stealth Launched | 30k Market Cap | Locked Liquidity | Renounced Ownership | First BSC NFT Marketplace | Great Marketing Plans Ahead | Really Cool DEV!

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Firstly, we will make a token which is compatible with Vinewood, and now you have a chance to buy it and become one of the many future holders.
Also, there will be more services such as:

🎯NFT promotions
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❗️NFT Marketplace officially launching in 7 days
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Contract Address:



Pancakeswap Buy Link:
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2022.01.28 08:29 BromblesMcgee How to make simple curved edges?

Hi, I'm just trying to make a nice curve in these straight edges of a plane. I know it's a noob question but I really can't think of how 😂
I was thinking subdivision surface, but that would round off the entire object?
Thanks so much!
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2022.01.28 08:29 Swing-Full What's a "weird" way you eat a certain Food?

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