Got styled on by this Steve at the top of elite. I need therapy (not my post)

2022.01.28 08:44 BenDaAsian23 Got styled on by this Steve at the top of elite. I need therapy (not my post)

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2022.01.28 08:44 Equal-Medical JAMIE WANTS BRITNEY TO SIT FOR DEPOSITION 🚨🚨🚨

So as per TMZ article :
"Britney Spears will sit for a wide-ranging deposition ... that is, if her father gets his way because Jamie Spears' lawyer has fired off an email to Britney's attorney asking to set a date for a depo.
Jamie Spears' lawyer, Alex Weingarten, sent the email Wednesday to Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart. In the email, obtained by TMZ, Weingarten writes, "We write to advise that we intend to depose your client and would like to discuss a mutually agreeable date to conduct the deposition.
The email goes on, "Of course, we will also discuss scheduling Mr. Spears' deposition with you and work with you to find a mutually agreeable date for that to proceed as well."
The email says Weingarten would agree to have Jamie deposed first, followed immediately with Britney's depo -- either the next day or the same week.
Weingarten says he'd like the depos to go down in early March.
Sources with knowledge tell TMZ, the proposed deposition of Britney Spears would be wide-ranging. As you know, Britney leveled numerous allegations against Jamie during the court hearing in June ... claiming her dad refused to let her get married and have a baby. She also said she was held against her will in a treatment facility. We're told those issues will be part of the depo.
Our sources also say they want to ask Britney about "child safety and [possible] drug use," among other issues.
As we reported, Rosengart has made it clear ... he wants to question Jamie Spears on numerous issues related to allegedly mismanaging the conservatorship and using it for personal gain.
The email proposes a "meet and confer" to set the dates and the ground rules for the deposition, but it ends with this ... "If we have not heard from you regarding these matters by the close of business on Friday, February 4, 2022, we will proceed unilaterally." This almost certainly means Weingarten will get a subpoena.
Posted full TMZ article, not posting the link for clicks.
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2022.01.28 08:44 cjevans04 [oc] draft 2 of page one of a comic I'm working on. Any suggestions of improvements I can keep in mind for draft 3 / page 3

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2022.01.28 08:44 jaelwelch Binance Bonus

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2022.01.28 08:44 ewenmax To think BawJaws government might have fallen in 2020 were it not for The Times paywall.

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2022.01.28 08:44 lemon_spritz Is it possible for villagers to leave the island during the day?

I was able to visit Shino's house around 2pm today, only to see the following message:
"Out playing. Come find me!"
So I went around in search of my newest neighbor, but I found no sign of her anywhere at all.
How long do I wait before I have to inform Tom Nook
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2022.01.28 08:44 Unfair-soil Found loads of these when pulling weeds from the shingle in my front garden.

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2022.01.28 08:44 FritzFox5 Length, width and height to XYZ?

Does anyone know what LWH converts to in XYZ? My printers print dimensions i labeled in LWH and my slicing program is in XYZ.
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2022.01.28 08:44 Even-You1355 Am I crazy??

I have fired my law firm that has been representing me in what was a lawsuit turned bankruptcy. I am getting money from my claim and have already paid some lawyer fees out of my first check. I have found out that the law firm I have has not added items to my claim that I requested they add. I also have learned that they amended my claim by removing information from my initial claim that ended up causing me to lose money on my claim. I want to know how I can go about getting the money already paid back as they have done nothing but cause more work for me since they have been fired and I have been dealing with my claim myself. I already plan on filing a dispute of fees but will doing so make them return paid fees as well?
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2022.01.28 08:44 upbeat_table Recommend me your lit Malay edm rap

I heard this lit Malay edm rap the other day and I can't find it anywhere.
Please, send me your lit Malay edm rap.
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2022.01.28 08:44 Delta_Wizard-gaming Wifi connected with internet, but it doesnt work.

I have around 5 phones that all work on my wifi, but 1 doesnt, it will often say connected without internet. I cam resolve this by putting in the password again, but now it also doesnt work while being connected with internet. Does anyone know why this happenes and specifically on just 1 phone?
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2022.01.28 08:44 Zodiac36Gold Murder Drones [Chapter 12]

<---------- Previous Chapter
You've all probably seen at least once in your life a gag featuring a man buying an economic plane ticket only to see that the plane he is going to be riding on looks like a rickety thing held together with duct tape and prayers to forbidden gods.
This was exactly how Ralph felt as he looked up at the spaceship that was supposed to bring him out of this planet and towards Teta-23, 15. It was already a very risky mission by itself and he wasn't willing to add to that the risk of the ship he was using just... imploding. He didn't exactly want to emulate what had happened on the planet he was trying to reach.
So he looked back down to the man that was sitting besides him on the ground, legs crossed, graying hair perfectly combed to the right side, relatively long white, well groomed, beard divided in exactly three braids and proud smile on his face. He was currently smoking out of a glass pipe, which was shaped like the stump of an old oak tree (don't ask how he knew it was an oak. It was just a strange feeling of certainty), a mix of tobacco and various aromatic herbs, smoke billowing slowly out of the opening. The smell wasn't half bad.
In general, nobody would have ever guessed that the old man was actually the owner of a ship. It was a good thing, since he really didn't want anyone to even know what he did with it. Not even Ralph knew, and he had known the man for over three decades now.
-Are you sure this rickety thing will do its job Ink?- he asked. Ink, as you might have guessed, was not his actual name. It was just a nickname he had been given by his crew seeing how much he liked wearing white clothing. He had never told them his name, saying to just call him Captain or Cap'n or whatever they prefered as long as it wasn't in Old German (which is actualy just the language that had been used in Germany prior to the introduction of a single universal tongue. At this point in time people wondered why in the seven circles of hell we all used to speak in different languages once upon a time).
The man inhaled a hearty dose of smoke and let it seep into his lungs. He tasted it with his tongue and mulled it over for a moment more before he huffed it out. For some reason the smoke took the form of a small fungus. "A boletus" thought Ralph.
Then, finally, he answered: -I will act as if I didn't hear you this time only. The lady has served me well from day one and she's never betrayed me once.-
-I understand that Ink, but she looks like she could use... a hand of paint.-
Ink laughed hard at that: -That's a very kind way of saying that you wouldn't trust her to bring you out of orbit.-
Ralph chuckled uneasily. He agreed with what the man had just said but he also feared that doing so would lead to him changing his mind on helping him.
As if on cue Ink added: -But you would never say that because you fear this old man will just leave you here to fend for yourself, am I right? Well, surprise surprise, in my many years as a captain I learned to be a very forgiving man, and what you want to do is far too interesting a thing to just leave you behind over a comment on the state of my little Scarlet.-
Scarlet was the name of his ship. Better not ask how she got the name.
-Also, I would never miss a chance to become a thorn in the side of that jerk of a Jenson.-
-What did he do to you?-
-In my business there aren't many rules. First one is that every Word given has to be Kept. Second one is that Secrets are never to be revealed. Anything else is fair game.-
-So, let me guess, he broke one of those rules.-
-Both to be exact. Revealed the location of some very important cargo that a friend of mine had to take after he had promised to not tell anyone in exchange for some help with something. He received the help he asked for, after all the man had promised to do it, but Jenson still revealed everything to the BGA. Now all of us consider him something of a tumor to extirpate.-
Ralph nodded. More and more he was realizing that Jenson had many enemies. Practically every criminal organization he knew of had a grudge against him in one way or another. He had worked with them and then, at the right moment, ditched everything to make sure nobody could have proof against him. He was untouchable and because of that he was hated and feared. Ralph had tried to call in favours from three different organisations that owed him and they all had refused. It was when he had called the third favour in from a man of the Starless Mafia that he had been told that nobody from the higher places of the Underworld would help him. There was the risk of losing everything because of a grudge. An admittedly very large grudge, but still just a grudge.
And so Ralph had contacted Ink.
Who, by the way, had finally decided that just looking at his spacecraft from the outside had become boring and had started to walk away silently. Ralph caught up with him and Ink offered him his pipe: -Want to taste?-
-No, thank you. I need my lungs.-
Ink laughed out loud, then kept smoking his pipe. More and more Ralph wondered how old the man in front of him was. He looked old, but in the Underworld there weren't many old people. Only the strongest survived, and even then they had to be extremely respected. Strenght and fear alone didn't hold a man in place, for desperation was a far greater force.
They reached the back of the ship and the ex-bureau-man's feeling of uneasiness regarding the chances of the ship leaving the atmosphere became even worse. It really looked like it was held together by a few plates of titanium and ceramic. Then they reached the back, where the main entrance of the ship was. Clearly by the form of the platform and the presence of conveyor belts that was also the entrance to the cargo bay. In general, the ship looked like a cube had been attached to a cilinder, where the cube represented the cargo bays and, probably, the engine rooms, and the cilinder was the rest of ship.
He and Ink walked upwards on a set of stairs and entered the hold.
Now, considering the state of the outside, you can just about imagine the way Ralph felt when, as he reached the top of the stairs, he saw how the place looked... pristine. As if the ship was new.
He gaped at the white walls, at conveyor belts colored in different colors for the type of cargo that was to be led in a particular area of the ship, at the electrycal systems that looked like they had just been installed and the hydraulics (which were being checked by a team of four holding two tooldboxes and a few spare parts) that were perfectly oiled.
Ink looked up and said: -The lady is just like: looks old on the outside, but is quite young on the inside. And, in the end, what matters is how you feel.- he chuckled and put out his pipe, a final wiff of smoke escaping his mouth. -There are not many rules on the ship itself. You do your job good, you don't slack when it's your turn to do the job, you smoke only in the designated areas because the air you breath on the bridge is the same air you breath here. For that reason I also suggest you keep the farts in if they're particularly smelly.- he chuckled at that -Everyone respects everyone. The man who works in the engine room is as important as the one who mans the weapons. Sure, fights may break out sometimes, in which case you join at your own risk or you watch with popcorn and a beer. You call upon the higher ups only if they start to break things. And, if it's the higher ups who are fighting, you call upon me. Not that you'll have to look for long, I'm always with the rest of the crew.-
-Obviously you're not just a passenger. You will have to help around, make yourself useful.-
Ralph nodded: -Obviously. Do I have to call you Captain?-
Ink chuckled: -Only if you want. We're old acquantices and the least I can do is let you call me Ink.-
Ralph nodded. Then he made a decision: -Tell me then, Ink, what do you actually do? What's your role in the Underworld?-
Ink nodded and looked up at the boxes and containers that populated the hold, thinking. Then he said: -Isn't it obvious?- he looked extremely serious.
-I want to be certain.-
Ink looked at him and smiled. -We're smugglers and informants. We deal in... undesireable items and informations. Took me and the boys years to make our reputations. We are respected and known.- he fell silent for a moment, then added: -You asked me to bring you to that destroyed planet and, if necessary, take something from that place. I can assure you that the job will be done, no matter what. After all, you saved one of my boys.-
That said he turned around and started to walk away, but not before shouting: -Henrietta! Come here and show this lad to his cabin and his workspace!-
As he left Ralph noticed one, small, detail. On the right sleeve of his white overcoat there were three drops of something brownish. "Blood" he thought.
He would notice, as he walked around the ship, that every single crewman on the ship had those same three dots of brownish, essicated blood. He would also get the strange feeling that the ship was much bigger on the inside, but that wasn't unusual. He always got this feeling, even when he worked in the BGA.
Or was it really just a feeling?
Ralph was sitting in the canteen of the ship. He was at one of the long table, eating away at some actually pretty good food. He still had nightmares when he thought back at how the food on the BGA ships tasted. "The worser the food the stronger the army" went the saying. Well, in that case the BGA was probably unbeatable.Or the BGA had a quirk for finding only sadistic chefs.
A tray was put down right on the opposite side of the table from him. A woman sat down right there: -Why hello newbie! Heard the Captain is giving you a passage.- she said with a smile on her face as she started eating.
Ralph nodded and looked at her. She was good looking, with white hair flowing down her back that were currently held together in a single ponytail. Her eyes, in contrast, were light brown and her lips as red as blood. She was wearing her working clothes with the small symbol of a wrench over her right breast pocket. She looked extremely happy and satisfied with her food and was eating with gusto.
-Don't trust her looks newbie, even more so if you're to work with her. Boss here can be a bitch sometimes.- said another voice to his right. A man sat down exactly there. He looked like he was in his thirties, which meant that he was quite younger than him. He had brownish, frazzled hair and brown eyes.
-Hey! I'm not that bad!- she said, pointing her fork at his face. But a small bit of sausage was still there, so she brought the thing back to her mouth.
-Yes? You aren't? You work us to the bone every single day even if everything is working perfectly.- he then turned towards Ralph and continued: -There was this guy that once made her angry and she had him change the hydraulics in the cargo bay, alone, for three days straight.-
The woman glared at him: -I did it for his own good. He was new and had to learn that an order is an order, no matter what!-
She punctuated the last sentence by impaling another sausage on her fork.
-And I also let you take regular pauses, so stop making the newbie think things that aren't true.-
The man chuckled.
That was when Ralph, finally, managed to say: -Sorry, I think you didn't tell me your names.-
The woman nodded and, trough a mouthful of food, said: -I'm Jenny and the boy here is Herbert. But nobody calls him that here. Just... Herbert... what kind of name is that? Just call him Herry, with an "e", mind you.-
Herbert, or Herry, gave her the finger.
-He's been around for enough time to no longer be a newbie, but he's still the youngest member of the crew.-
Ralph chuckled at that: -Well, you too don't look that old to be sincere.-
This time it was Jenny's turn to chuckle: -Really? Tell me, how old do you think I am?- she smiled wrily.
-I was taught the hard way that that is a trick question. I am calling upon the fifth emendament and am not going to answer.-
This time she laughed out loud, so loud in fact tha many people turned towards their table. Everyone then turned back to their conversations like it was nothing.
Jenny dried a ghostly tear from her eye and said: -I like you. Well then, I'm still gonna let you guess. How old do you think lil' Scarlet is?-
Ralph looked at her, then around at the perfect structure of the ship, and said: -That question is even trickier. From the outside I would say that it's over a century old and that it was left at the mercy of the elements for god knows how long. But the inside looks completely new. And I cannot for the life of me guess what type of ship this is.-
Jenny nodded, then looked at Herry, who nodded and said: -This is a Leuca class Merchant ship.-
Ralph was bringing a forkful to his mouth but he stopped as he heard those words, mouth half agape. He turned slowly towards the man and said: -It's fucking impossible.-
-And yet it's the truth.-
He put the food down and turned fully towards Herry: -No, it's litterally impossible. You mean to tell me that a ship that was supposedly used only during the first years of space colonization more than a thousand years ago is still in existance? And in this perfect a condition? You are decidedly trying to prank me.-
-Nobody is pranking you.- said Jenny, continuing to eat as if nothing had happened.
-No, you are all definitely pranking me. Those ships were even malfunctioning: the core of the engine was highly unstable and there were numerous cases of it beginning reactions that caused the explosion of more than half those original ships.-
-Yep, that's true, but we fixed that problem years ago.- said Jenny.
-I don't believe you.-
-Well, you should. Want to give a look at the actual core? You'll quickly understand that we're telling the truth.- answered back Jenny.
She looked up at him looking death serious. Her eyes, her body language, everything about her said that she was not lying. His mind was screaming that it was impossible but another, bigger, part of him, the part that had worked for the Bureau for years, interrogating some of the most hardened criminals in the history of mankind, told him that she wasn't lying. Her hands were moving with certainty, not eevn a tremble in her movemenets. He couldn't feel the table shake from her legs moving because of a nervous tick, she was staring at him, looking him in the eyes, letting him look her over without hiding anything. This was the litteral description of someone who wasn't lying.
He huffed: -Ok, let's, for a moment, think that what you've said isn't imposible. We were talking about your age, and you mentioned the age of the ship, which is nearly 900 years old if what you've said is to believe. Are you implying that you're as old as the ship?-
She chuckled: -No, absolutely not. But I've been around for quite some time. A lot of time. You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.-
And, that said, she finished her food and started to walk away. Before she left she said: -Captain wants you to work as an assistant on the deck. Quite the job, if you ask me. Hope you won't have us crash somewhere.-
And she was gone, her hand waving goodbye the last thing Ralph saw.
He turned towards Herry: -What the fuck is wrong with her?-
He just chuckled: -Absolutely nothing. She isn't lying. She hates lies. But she is right, you wouldn't believe her if she told you her age.-
-She doesn't look older than fourty.-
Herry raised an eyebrow and smiled: -She would take that as a compliment.-
He, too, finished eating and started to walk away: -Let's just say that the color of her hair is more truthful than her face.-
And he was gone.
"In what kind of madhouse have I put foot into?" wondered Ralph, before he looked back at his food.
As he finished and left he looked around and noticed something: many of the people in the mess hall looked quite youthful but had completely white hair.
He shook his head. They probably really liked the gag about the Captain always wearing white and colored their hair. Yep, this was definitely the explanation.
Hello everyone, zodiac here!
What is happening on the ship? It sure seems that something's strange. or is it really just a very elaborate prank? Who knows. Things will be explained better in the next chapters.
If you hadn't understood up until now, I have a knack for making strange and mysterious characters. Ink is one of them. And you know what's the funniest part? He was born in litterally three seconds. I was writing and thought "Hmmmm... what name should I give to this captain. I don't want him or his crew to look main stream. I want to give them something to think over". 1... 2... 3... And the name ink was born, with the knack for the color white.
I hope you found this chapter interesting, even if it was short. I don't know if I'll be able to publish anything next week since I have my lasy exam then but, if all goes well, maybe I'll manage to whip up something good for saturday. Only thing I can say about next chapter is that we're gonna see how Uzi's story will progress.
As always comments and critique are loved and taken into consideration.
So, everyone, have a nice day and I'll see you all next chapter (and in the comments). Bye bye!!!
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2022.01.28 08:44 123treeship I am intrigued by the rise of Femboys, from a sociological side. So, tons of questions, but here's 1. Can you identify as He/Him and be a femboy? Or are most femboys They/Them?

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2022.01.28 08:44 Shinnic Anybody know how to submit something for Brandons cursed gun videos?

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