cuz i live for trends

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We are tryong to make a community :
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2022.01.28 07:54 smirti Xiaomi MI 2 – Features and Specifications | Redmi Xiaomi

Xiaomi MI 2
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2022.01.28 07:54 Sylhano Lil question about healer talent.


Just to know if it's worth takin the healer talents if you have the candle sign or healin skill?

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2022.01.28 07:54 Ramlethal_ Azure essence

Will the azure essence disappear if I don’t use it once the event ends? Was planning on saving it just in case 😅
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2022.01.28 07:54 ZeroTwoModz Russia's Defensive Plans if Ukraine joined NATO !

Something I constantly read about when going through analysis pieces on "The Russian Strategic Mindset" is their "fear of being surrounded", the mindset that the invasions of Hitler and Napolean should be avoided from happening again in all costs. With Nuclear warfare now a thing, I don't think this issue is as prevalent as it once was but "keeping the fight out of our backyard" seems to come up with most Russian defense guys I speak with. The key to their entire doctrine though relies on a friendly/neutral Ukraine, and a number of people in the region seem to have the concept that if Ukraine were to join NATO fully Russia would be compelled to stretch its own forces so thin as to lose a lot of their punch. So I put together a panel of Eastern Europe experts to go through why Ukraine's political direction is so important to Moscow strategically. On the panel this week was >> STEVEN PIFER (Brookings + Fmr US State Department) GUSTAV GRESSEL (European Council of Foreign Relations) THOMAS GRAHAM (Yale University + Fmr US State Department) The way Russian's have brought it up to me is always in terms of maintaining the shortest defensive line with the West, and doing whatever they can to shorten it. Both Napolean and Hitler began their invasions from modern-day Poland and pushed over the fairly flat terrain straight into the Russian heartland that surrounds Moscow, both invasions were ultimately not successful but left a devastating toll on the Russian people/mindset. Even today there is almost no town throughout Russia that doesn't have a monument to the "Great Patriotic War" somewhere inside of it, it may have been 70+ years ago but the Russians have in no way forgotten the toll it took on their country. At the start of the German invasion of Russia in 1941, the Russian frontline was 1,800km long stretching from the middle of Poland, to the Carpathians, to the Black Sea Coast between modern-day Romania and Ukraine. Between the German jumping-off point in Poland and Moscow there isn't much in the way geographically either, just a distance of around 1,200km. It's one of the reasons the German Panzers were able to so quickly push across the territory, with few major rivers, mountains or deserts in their way so advances could be fairly rapid by the standards of the time. After WW2 the Soviets were able to completely change their defensive positions in Europe, pushing the front line 850Km westward to the divide between East and West Germany. 850km may not sound like a lot but it grants Moscow the ability to anchor themselves in a number of fantastic geographical positions. Starting from the Southern point; the Pindus mountains in Northern Greece give the defender a huge advantage, making any push from the allies into Bulgaria or Yugoslavia incredibly prohibitive (so you only need minimal troops stationed there to hold the area from NATO's southern flank. Yugoslavia also played a big help in the defense of the USSR by just being in the geographical space they occupy, even if they didn't fully support Moscow in other ways. Yugoslavia's border with Italy (in modern-day Slovenia) is fairly mountainous as well making any push eastwards from Italian soil problematic. It would also mean adding another enemy (who was on paper neutral) to the list if the allies chose this option. The same concept also applying to Austria who for the majority of the Cold War remained neutral, preventing either side from launching attacks through Austrian soil. The only real spot capable of large scale offensives from either the Allies or the Soviets was the German flatlands along the East/West German border, so the Russians could concentrate a lot of their military power on that 550km long border between the North German coast and the border foothills of the Czechoslovakian border. For the Soviets they probably felt fairly secure, knowing their open frontline was now only 550km long and 2,100km from Moscow; but that was until the collapse of the USSR. During the final days of the Soviet Union Gorbachov had an agreement with Bush Snr that Germany would be allowed to re-unify and join NATO without any resistance from Moscow, but in exchange the US would agree that NATO would not move any further Eastwards than that. From Moscow's perspective the frontline just moved 300km eastward, but now there would be a neutral Polish state acting as a buffer; not great, not terrible. The Americans though didn't abide by the agreement and now the former Warsaw pact/Yugoslav nations of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia have all joined the ranks of NATO. The three additions though that probably angered the Russians most were the inclusion of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, now home to heavy bombers a short 12-minute flight from Russia's second most important city (St Petersburg). The frontline moved way Eastward, and many Russians have always felt threatened and betrayed by this. Today the frontline is still somewhat favourable to Russia, but nowhere near the situation of 1945. Kaliningrad (a small Russian exclave on the Baltic coast between North-Eastern Poland, and South Western Lithuania is home to Russian bombers, missiles, anti-ship defenses and many more Russian assets. Kaliningrad has a pretty good shot of being able to deny the allies easy access through the Baltic sea to the states of EST/LAT and LITH preventing resupplies in the event of war, and the only other route into the Baltic states over land is likely to be quickly cut off as well. Between the SE tip of Kaliningrad, and the NW tip of Belarus is just 104km of forested territory known as the Suwalki gap, the gap only having 2 major highways going through it; and these highways only being a 90-minute drive from Russia's likely jumping-off points in Kaliningrad. In the event of hostilities, Russia would act quickly to cut off the Suwalki Gap with forces punching out from Belarus and Kalinigrad, if this were achieved it would be incredibly difficult to resupply or defend the Baltic states; I would love to get this subs opinion on whether the US would stay in the Baltics to fight or simply pull out ASAP to avoid being pocketed like the Germans were in Courland in WW2. Again I don't think we will see full scale war between Russia and the West, but if it was to break out with the board set as it is Russia would be defending a 900km border from Kaliningrad, through the Suwalki Gap and across the Western Border of Belarus. All of this changes though with a Ukraine that isn't neutral or friendly with Russia, and that's why Ukraine is probably Russias most important defensive issue. If Ukraine were to join NATO it would give the Allied forces such a larger area to push in from in and stretch the Russian forces so thin on the ground. The Russian frontline would stretch from Kaliningrad, across Suwalki, across the West of Belarus, then across the entire Northern and Eastern borders of Ukraine, as well the Northern border in Crimea. It extends the Russian frontline to around 2,900km of flat territory only a 6-hour drive from Moscow at its closest point. With troops stretched this thin as well the Russians may not have the reserve strength to take the Baltic states quickly like they would in the previous scenario (adding another 1,200km of frontline to already monstrous 2,900km) for the Russians to have to deal with. Remember the panic the US had over missiles in Cuba, Moscow will be feeling the same pressure if this were to come to reality So Ukraine as a part of NATO is a bit of a nightmare scenario for Russia here, but there are ways to keep Ukraine out of NATO. NATO will not allow members to join if they have a current outstanding territorial dispute, something Russia is‍ keenly aware of. The Breakaway state of Transnistria keeps Moldova from joining NATO, Abkhazia and South Ossetia keep Georgia out of NATO, and now Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk keep Ukraine from joining NATO (at least for now). ​ In my opinion, this is the scenario Moscow will seek to keep for the foreseeable future, letting Luhansk and Donetsk become a frozen conflict that will only flare up when Moscow is looking to apply domestic pressure in Kiev. ​ I would be curious to see what you think though? Will the war in the East heat up? Will NATO ever change the rules to allow Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia inside? What would Russias western defense plan be if Ukraine was to join NATO? As always thanks to this sub for your support and for the great sources. Check out the full panel discussion here >> ITUNES >> SPOTIFY >> GOOGLE >> YOUTUBE >> WEBSITE >>
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Reddit is great
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2022.01.28 07:54 miyu_pyon where can you buy the gochiusa manga? (and not from a site that scams you would be appresiated)

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N$FW | XXXNifty | PinkTower |🚨starting NOW you have the option to buy PinkPass Pre Sale NFT with native N$FW🚨 | go to | Only 197 left of 690 | Pink Pass let you mint 1 unique Pinkdoll + 2 unique condos in the PinkTower | 1st collection - so will be worth a lot🚀 submitted by Impressive_Bit4198 to CryptocurrencyDEFI [link] [comments]

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2022.01.28 07:54 GTRacer1972 If you were exposed to Rabies, on principal, would you skip the vaccine?

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2022.01.28 07:54 assagitaz A-Jay (SL) & Aman Anand - Escalate [Mango Alley]

Publisher: Mango Alley
Out Date: 2022-01-27
Quality: MP3 17.56 Mb / AIFF 77.23 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
A-Jay (SL) & Aman Anand - Escalate / (Key Fm, BPM 124, Length 7:18)​
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2022.01.28 07:54 Burnie_Bot [Game Thread] [Game Thread] LA Clippers (25-25) @ Miami Heat (31-17) - 1/28, 08:00 PM ET

LA Clippers (25-25) @ Miami Heat (31-17)

Game Details
Location: FTX Arena, Miami, FL
Tip-off time: 8:00PM Eastern ( 7:00PM Central, 5:00PM Pacific, 1:00AM GMT)
TV/Radio: Bally Sports SoCal / Bally Sports Sun / League Pass
Game Info & Stats:
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2022.01.28 07:54 marechal_de_flandre VRT ombudsman Tim Pauwels: Zijn de grote journalistieke media "regimepers"?

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2022.01.28 07:54 ravenousglory Question about connecting IEMs

Hi! I have a question regarding connection if IEMs, more specific is it possible to connect 2pin connector that is marked as LEFT to the RIGHT IEM (and vice versa)? I read somewhere that it's possibly can damage IEMs but I'm not sure, something wrong happening with my hearing and I want to testing it, but I need to change swap them. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 07:54 MysticAura12 A Collection of Some Of My Room Builds

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